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Housing Support/Care at Home


Within your tenancy, you should expect to find all the facilities generally found in ordinary family homes plus any special adaptation or equipment you need. We will support you to apply for a Community Care Grant if you need to buy furniture before moving in to your home. We will assist you to ensure that your house and furnishings are well maintained. If you need adaptations to your accommodation, you will usually need to have an Occupational Therapy assessment, in order that you or the landlord can access funding for these items.

Special Arrangements

Detailed care planning is carried out to ensure that we provide support that is tailored to the individual needs of each person.

This includes support with:

  • Communication - based on how the person communicates
  • Day & leisure activities are arranged in the community using various community resources or Visualise Scotland’s own resources. These activities are arranged to suit individual service users and aim to help people retain current interests and acquire new skills.
  • Special care - arrangements can be made to provide appropriate personal care for people with complex health support needs.
  • Health arrangements - you will be registered with a local GP and have access to a full range of hospital and community health services
  • Each tenant has his or her own room in shared tenancies providing a personal and private space.
  • Finances - You will have as much control as possible over your own money and wherever possible, Visualise will not be involved in managing your personal Bank Account. A household management account will be made available within each tenancy from which Visualise will support tenants to meet their financial responsibilities including providing funds for day to day living costs. Careful records will be kept to ensure that individual tenants’ income and expenditure from this account is clearly monitored. 
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