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Basis & Values

A definition of the verb visualise is “to make visible to one’s mind a thing not visible to the eye.”  An understanding of the physical world is difficult enough for people who are visually impaired.  This is further compounded for people who also have additional learning difficulties, which may limit their comprehension, and ability to cope with situations which most of us take for granted.

In providing services to any individual, Visualise would seek to incorporate the following general aims:

Encouraging Independence

In structuring Individual Support Plans (ISP’s), Visualise aims to encourage independent living and give people more choice and control over their care and support.

Continuing Learning and Stimulation

Visualise will support people to access activities and interests in line with their particular needs, interests and desired outcomes.

Professional Practice

Visualise will ensure that all staff working with a service user have received training relating to the particular needs of and provision for any individual service user. Furthermore, Visualise undertakes to provide on-going development and training for staff in an attempt to ensure the highest possible standards of provision and care for service users.

Dignity and Quality of Life

The underlying principle governing all the above aims is to guarantee the dignity and quality of life of each individual. Trusting relationships with staff are seen as a basis of security from which learning opportunities are extended. Where their needs are such, service users are given all the support necessary to maintain their dignity.

Community Integration

In providing services, accessing local community resources would be an integral part of any ISP.

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